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  • Real World Mileage Testing with a VW TDI

    There have been a few “real world tests” people have done with the different Opti-Lube diesel additives to try to get the best mileage. This test stands out because it includes one of our competitors. The test was done on a stock 2010 VW TDI that travels the same roads day in and day out.  All additives...
  • Independent HFRR Tests Performed for Opti-Lube XPD & Opti-Lube XL

    Independent Tests Performed for XPD & XL Opti-Lube picked up some fuel from a Flying J fuel station for some testing of our products with an independent laboratory. We purchased fuel that anyone could purchase from a reputable and nationwide retailer (Flying J). The results and full test sheets are...

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