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  • New Product Announcement: Opti-Lube Single Clean

    Opti-Lube Single Clean is designed as a one-tank cleanup for fuel injection system deposits. It is highly effective in modern common rail and legacy diesel fuel systems. In just one tank Opti-Lube Single Clean will reduce both nozzle deposits and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID), as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Due to...
  • Q&A: Can I mix multiple diesel additives?

    In short, yes. Additives can be mixed without harm, but you should take into consideration what each product is meant to do as to not overdose on certain items. The major categories of diesel fuel additives include engine performance, fuel lubricity, fuel stability, and contaminant control additives. An example of adding too much of one item could be...
  • Feeling like your MPG and Power might be down?

    The diesel fuel we purchase varies in quality. Clean diesel and clean burning diesel has been an issue with the EPA regulations for many years. The new fuel injectors have smaller holes and run a much higher pressure working to atomize the fuel for cleaner burns. One of the main factors in great performance is how...
  • Which Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additive should I use?

    We commonly get asked what diesel additive is best for me. Well, the answer can vary depending on your confidence in the fuel your purchasing and the environment your vehicle lives in. Here is a brief description of each of our additives. XPD - Opti-Lube’s XPD is the ultimate in performance diesel...
  • Real World Mileage Testing with a VW TDI

    There have been a few “real world tests” people have done with the different Opti-Lube diesel additives to try to get the best mileage. This test stands out because it includes one of our competitors. The test was done on a stock 2010 VW TDI that travels the same roads day in and day out.  All additives...
  • Independent HFRR Tests Performed for Opti-Lube XPD & Opti-Lube XL

    Independent Tests Performed for XPD & XL Opti-Lube picked up some fuel from a Flying J fuel station for some testing of our products with an independent laboratory. We purchased fuel that anyone could purchase from a reputable and nationwide retailer (Flying J). The results and full test sheets are...

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