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Pure Cetane Diesel Fuel Additive (ORANGE/BLACK)

Pure Cetane Diesel Fuel Additive (ORANGE/BLACK)

Pure Cetane Diesel Fuel Additive

Opti-Lube Pure Cetane, as the name suggests, boosts cetane!

Opti-Lube is committed to helping you reach any diesel fuel goal. Whether it be increased lubricity, improved emissions or increased performance.

Pure Cetane contains our highest concentration of Cetane or 2-Ethylehexly nitrate, it improves cetane by 5-11 points depending on base fuel and mix ratio. The higher the quality of the fuel the more significant the improvement.

  • Easier starting at low ambient temperature
  • Reduced misfires
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Improved fuel economy and power

*Available in a Quart (32oz) Bottle

Delayed ignition is a primary cause of high emissions and poor engine performance. There is a direct relationship between the cetane number of a diesel and its ignition point. The lower the number the longer the wait.

When fuel is enhanced with Opti-Lube Pure Cetane, it burns quicker and more completely.

More efficient combustion reduces:

  • Knock and noise
  • Misfiring
  • Shock loads
  • Peak pressure in the cylinder
  • Ignition delay
  • Stress
  • Engine maintenance
  • Fuel consumption
  • Exhaust emissions
  • White smoke
  • Crank time
  • Pure Cetane Formula: Quart

    Pure Cetane Formula: Quart