Opti-Lube Single Clean is designed as a one-tank cleanup for fuel injection system deposits. The best injector cleaner we know of.

Designed for use in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

In just one tank, Opti-Lube Single Clean will reduce both nozzle deposits and internal diesel injector depostis (IDID), as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Rapid Cleaning of Fuel System
  • Restores Engine Performance
  • Restores Lost Mileage
  • Cleans Injectors

Single Clean Treatment Rates

Standard Treatment Rate: 1 to 32 (1 ounce per 4 gallons of diesel fuel)

1 8oz bottle treats 32 gallons of diesel fuel

  • Single Clean Formula: 8oz Bottle

    Single Clean Formula: 8oz Bottle