Why choose a Calcium-Sulfonate based grease over Lithium Complex?

Calcium Sulfonate greases out-perform Lithium Complex greases both on data sheets as well as in actual applications.

Calcium Sulfonate greases exhibit superior mechanical and shear stability compared to Lithium Complex greases, indicating less leakage and run-out during operation. The dropping point and high temperature life of CS greases are also better, allowing these greases to be used at higher temperatures.

Another considerable difference is Lithium Complex based greases often need additives to meet performance requirements, such as rust-inhibiting, antimony-zinc, as wells as tackifiers, which tend to deplete quickly in water. Calcium Sulfonate have inherent extreme-pressure, anti-wear properties, as well as excellent water-resistant properties.

The only downside with Calcium Sulfonate greases is the higher cost. However, due to the higher quality of the grease and the wider variety of applications Calcium Sulfonate greases are the preferred choice for a high-performance multi-purpose grease.

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Opti-Lube ULTIMATE Grease

The Ultimate Solution to Wear

Opti-Lube ULTIMATE Grease is the answer to reducing bearing failure and extending equipment life.

Our grease prevents metal to metal contact by combining premium base materials with special anti-wear and friction reducing ingredients.

Special tackifiers help prevent the lubricant from being forced out of wear areas, even under high pressure.

Opti-Lube grease is designed to withstand the demands of auto, marine, farm, and industrial equipment and is an excellent choice for vehicles of all types. Capable of preventing wear, corrosion and rust in dry, dusty, humid or wet conditions. It also boats a wide operating temperature range of -40⁰F -550⁰F.

Opti-Lube ULTIMATE Grease works great in areas like ball joints, U-Joints/Slip Joints, CV Joints, Ujoints, Tie Rod Ends, King Pins, Idler Arms, Linkages, Spring Hangers, hinges, winches and a host of many other applications. We use Opti-Lube grease in areas from competition rock crawlers to dump trucks and semi maintenance.

  • NLGI Grade 2
  • Soap Type: Calcium Sulfonate Complex
  • Texture: Smooth
  • Color: Green

Test ASTM Method Typical Rsult

Penetration @ 77°F


Worked 60 Strokes

Worked 10,000 Strokes

Worked 100,000 Strokes







Roll Stability (% change) D-1831 293(+5.0)
Rust Protection D-1743 Pass
Dropping Point, °F(°C) D-2265 550°F(288°C)

 4-Ball EP Performance

Load Wear Index

Weld Point, Kgf





 4-Ball Wear Protection

Scar Diameter, mm





 Timken OK Load, lbs D-2509  65 
 Wheel Bearing Life Test, hrs. D-3527  120 
 Water Washout @ 175°F  D-1264 0.4 
 Water Spray Off, % D-4049  67 
Oil Separation, % Loss  D-1742  .17 

Base Oil Characteristics

Vis @ 40° cSt

Vis @ 100° cSt

Vis @ 100°F SUS

Vis @ 210°F SUS

Vistcosity Index 













Low Temp Torque-Wheel Bearing

-40°C, N m





  • Opti-Lube ULTIMATE Grease, 14oz Tube

    Opti-Lube ULTIMATE Grease, 14oz Tube