14oz Cartridge Grease Gun

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If you are looking for a good quality grease gun without breaking the bank, this is it. Any technician knows that the lever action grease guns are hard to use because one hand is usually holding the grease gun to the grease nipple. That's where the pistol pump action is so much better. One hand can be holding the grease gun and pumping and the other can be used to hold the pipe to the nipple. Our Grease gun features an easy one-hand operation. 2-way loading: 14 oz. cartridge or bulk load. Head cap port for adding air bleeder or bulk loader fitting. Develops up to 5,000 PSI. Equipped with 3-1/2” grease pipe and coupler.


Includes: Grease Gun (Pistol Grip Pump Action) 12” Flex Hose 3 1/2" Grease Pipe Does Not Include Grease (We recommend our Opti-Lube Tube Greases.)

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