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  • New Product Announcement: Opti-Lube Pure Cetane!

    Opti-Lube Pure Cetane, as the name suggests, Boosts Cetane! Opti-Lube is committed to helping you reach any diesel fuel goal. Whether it be increased lubricity, improved emissions, or increased performance, Opti-Lube has got your back. Pure Cetane was designed with performance and competition in mind. Though not something you would run everyday, Pure Cetane will give you the ‘edge’ your...
  • Why the switch? Direct vs. Common Rail Injection

    Direct injection has been used in diesel engines since the mid-1950s. These powerful systems were by far the most commonly used system for decades. So why do we now see the switch to Common Rail Injection systems? Lets consider a general working overview of both systems. DIRECT INJECTION - Direct injection systems pump diesel...
  • Dealer Spotlight - ATP - Adrenaline Truck Performance

    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AN OPTI-LUBE DEALER? ATP has been a dealer for 3 years. WHAT IS YOUR #1 SELLING ITEM? XPD Gallons are our number one selling item. HOW DO I ORDER FROM YOU? By phone: 208-685-1000 or on our Website - Our Facebook page is:

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