Sponsored Spotlight - Daniel Garvin

-Your Name and others in your Team:

Daniel Garvin, Trinity Moon.

-Truck Name and tell us the story behind the name:

Redline Ram

Seemed like a catchy name for a red pull truck.

- Year, Make and Model and tell us why that one:

2002 Dodge Ram 2500. I like 2nd gen Dodges and the 2002 has the best parts, and I love the sport package.

-Description of the Build and if possible, pictures of the build process:

Engine is a 5.9L cummins 24V with a 13mm P7100 and a large single S400 turbocharger, transmission is an NV5600 6 speed with a dual disc clutch, nv271 transfer case, d60 front with locker and chromoly shafts and free spin kit. Dana 80 rear with chromoly shafts and locker.

-Achievements over the past few years, even if its 9th place:

2017 NWTP 2.5 points champion, many 1st-3rd place hooks from all over the northwest from the past 6 years pulling with this truck. The most recent was 1st place in the 3.0 diesel class at the Moses Lake pulling for a cure cancer charity event.

- Most memorable event, Why?:

Most memorable events might have to go back to 2012 when it was just a group of us local friends having a good time, breaking our trucks just for the bragging rights. Another might be this year at the King County Fair when a large chunk of my family came to watch for the first time.

- Other Sponsors you would like to list:

My sponsors are Dynomite Diesel Products, Yukon Gear and Axle, and of course Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives.

- Future Plans:

More power, better weight placement and more traction for the 2018 season.

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