Fungicides and Biocides In Diesel Fuel

Fungicides and Biocides In Diesel Fuel

Posted by Opti-Lube on Feb 1st 2016

Many of our customers wonder why Opti-Lube does not offer a fungicide/biocide. Though these chemicals are sometimes necessary, there are serious disadvantages of using them continually.

Fungus and bacteria grow at the water fuel interface. Fungicides and biocides work by stopping fungus and bacteria from growing in the fuel, however if fungus is already present a ‘Kill dose’ is required.

Disadvantages of Biocides/Fungicides include:

Handling and mixing is hazardous because the chemicals are poisonous.

For a ‘kill dose’, killing the fungus can lead to build up of dead matter which will block filters and cause fuel oxidation. The tank should be emptied and cleaned after a ‘kill dose’.

Maintenance doses are effective but no more so than regular water draining. Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives focus on prevention. Opti-Lube does not offer biocides and fungicides because they are so dangerous to handle and can have too many negative side effects. Opti-Lube Diesel Additives strive to help you prevent the need to ever use a biocide or fungicide.