New Product Announcement: Opti-Lube Ag Formula (Agriculture)

New Product Announcement: Opti-Lube Ag Formula (Agriculture)

Posted by Opti-Lube on Nov 1st 2015

New Opti-Lube Agriculture Formula!

Opti-Lube Agriculture (Ag) Formula is designed to meet the needs and demands of farming equipment and bulk storage.

Here at Opti-Lube our goal is to improve performance and extend equipment life. At only $0.05 per treated gallon of diesel, the benefits of Ag far outweigh the cost.

Like all Opti-Lube diesel products Ag Formula improves lubricity, adds efficiency and cleans injectors. The components inside have been specially formulated with a water separator (demulsifier) to help stabilize your fuel for long term storage and inhibit bacterial growth. To counter the growing amount of B5 and B10 bio-diesel, Ag also contains a measure of anti-gel to help keep your fuel flowing at colder temperatures, despite the high Cloud Point of many bio-diesels. With the added benefit of 5-7 points cetane, Ag will make your equipment a force to be reckoned with.


  • Boosts Cetane rating 5-7 points
  • Improved water separation
  • Keeps Fuel Systems Clean
  • Improved Cold Starts
  • Increased Power
  • Improved Storage Stability
  • Fuel Will Flow Down to 0 °F (Dependent on base fuel)