Sponsored Spotlight - Dirk Bauerle

-Your Name and others in your Team:

Dirk Bauerle and my pit crew is Dawn Weber.

-Truck Name and tell us the story behind the name:

High Dollar Hooker

You spend lots of Dollars just to hook it to the sled!!

- Year, Make and Model and tell us why that one:

1975 IH 966

This tractor was heading to the salvage yard to be scraped out
when I rescued it to turn it into a Light Limited Prostock puller!!

-Description of the Build and if possible, pictures of the build process:

It started out as a farm tractor with a cab that had a cracked block. I stripped it of all it parts and put custom pulling parts back in it to make the puller that pulls in the Light Limited Prostock 466 class. I did all the work myself including engine building and painting. It has a 7-speed atlas transmission with solid bottom shaft and bearing support. Atlas 3-disc pedal slipper clutch.  Engine has a roller high lift cam, adjustable cam gear, ported and flowed head, ceramic coated pistons, Harts P-pump and Harts double feed billet injectors, 3x3 turbo, aluminum front timing cover, Max Simpson water injection. Pro Puller 24.5x32 tires on Keizer aluminum rims.

-Achievements over the past few years, even if its 9th place:

2010: Debut for tractor, only half year of pulling with tractor

2011: 2nd points CTTPA, 3rd points NETTPA,

2012: 1st points HPS, 2nd points CTTPA, 3rd points NETTPA.

2013: 1 st points HPS, 2nd points CTTPA, 3rd points NETTPA.

2014: 1 st points CTTPA, 2nd points HPS, 3rd points NETTPA. 3rd MATTPA

2015: 1 st points CTTPA, 2nd points NETTPA, 2nd points NSPA, 5th points MATTPA.

2016: 1st points CTTPA, 2nd points NETTPA, 3rd points NSPA.

2017: 1st points CTTPA, 2nd points NETTPA, 2nd points MATTPA, 5th points NSPA, 6th points HPS.

-Future plans:

Update the hooker some and I’m building a second tractor that I hope to be out soon. It will be a IH 66 series and pull in the Light limited Superstock and Light Limited Prostock classes.


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