Sponsored Spotlight - Mike Coleman

Your Name and others in your Team:

Mike Coleman, my team consists of Johnny Farrow who is our crew chief, Brooks Lance that is all around support and our machinist, Ben Green who is all around support and our engine builder.

-Truck Name and tell us the story behind the name:

The Hybrid or the 6.4Dinosaur. name was created due to the nature of the truck. Newer model engine in an E99 chassis.

- Year, Make and Model and tell us why that one:

E99 Ford F250, this truck used to be a 7.3 drag truck back in the day. The owner had a roll bar in it with full body. Before we put in the 6.4L it sat in a field for about 9 years. We had an idea to get back in the racing world and shoehorn a 6.4 that was previously in another 2wd 6.4 truck that got wrecked. It's had alot of changes since we got it done about 3-4 years ago and has some more changes in store! It was the perfect candidate as it was already stripped for the most part and gave us a blank canvas to work with!

-Description of the Build and if possible, pictures of the build process:

Built 6.4L by us here at Swamps Diesel. has all the goodies inside from Colt Cam to our ported big valve heads and ported intake. Wagler rods main/head studs. Suncoast flexplate bolting up a Precision Industries converter to one of our in house built 4R100's. using a PCS to control everything from the trans shifts to our waste gates to data-logging. We have a compound setup on the truck a s364 with a GT55 keeps our easy spool up on the line and big end power good and plentiful. A chromoly cage was installed before the 2018 racing year to lighten the load of the old mild steel rollbar.

-Achievements over the past few years, even if its 9th place:

So far in the 2018 ODSS racing series we have held first place in points until Scheid Diesel Extravaganza due to us not doing well due to major engine failure. (planning on making that back at Rudy's)

Set a personal best of 6.32 at 111MPH.

Won the 1st annual Hardway Sunshine Showdown in the 6.70 class. Also qualified number 1 at 6.701.

Took runner up at TS performance event.

Have placed no worse that 5th all year!

- Most memorable event, Why?:

Toss up between SDX18 and the Hardway Event in Florida, being that SDX18 we came together as a team and replaced head/head gaskets overnight on the truck to race Saturday and Sunday.

Florida event, being for the Fact I won that event after we got a motor built from bare block up in 2 weeks, testing it at the event and being successful in my class.

- Other Sponsors you would like to list:

#1 Swamps Diesel Performance

Side Action Diesel

Dani Bradley Photography

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