Sponsored Spotlight - Brett Marcum

-Your Name and others in your Team:

Brett Marcum and my crew is Paul Stewart, Bryan Banghart, Nathan Phillips, Steve Banghart, and Kyler Heinen

-Truck Name and tell us the story behind the name:


Not sure if the truck punishes me more than competitor's, Haha

It's a dark name and matches up well with the all black exterior of the truck.

- Year, Make and Model and tell us why that one:

2006 Dodge ram 2500. It was chosen because the Cummins is great for making big power and that's what we were looking to do. It being a regular cab made the perfect candidate for a stripped down light 4x4 drag truck.

-Description of the Build and if possible, pictures of the build process:

Freedom racing engine's built the 6.8L Cummins with a Hamilton solid block, Fleece Performance head with their new side draft intake. All fuel was supplied by DDP running a set of their custom Super Mental injectiors, and a set of 12mm stroker pumps. Air set up is S488 / and a Forced Inductions GT55 brought together with a Banghart Diesel piping kit. Transmission was buildt by Banghart Diesel and Performance. Featuring a phat shaft, Goerend triple disk converter, and Goerend valve body, . 8.5 cert cage, and suspension modifications are done by Kyler Heinen, Nathan Phillips, and myself.

-Achievements over the past few years, even if its 9th place:

I29 no prep 4x4 class champ

9.6 sec pass @ Nebraska diesel show

5th ATS Gauntlet Challenge 2017

- Most memorable event, Why?:

Thunder in the Muncie Diesel Motorsports event in Muncie Indiana. Hauled the truck 10hrs and about 200ft into my 1st pass it let go and sent parts flying all over the place. I could see through my block and it took over 2 hours to clean up the track. It was a great day.

- Other Sponsors you would like to list:

#1 Banghart Diesel and Performance
Freedom Racing Engines
Dynomite diesel products
Fleece performance
Yukon gear and axle

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