Why Gel Melt?

Here at Opti-Lube we are so excited to provide our customers with a long awaited product called Gel Melt. This product is one we have been working on for quite awhile in order to make sure we got it right. Testing is most important to us here at Opti-Lube. You can be assured that Gel Melt has been one blend that we wanted to have the utmost confidence in to perform for what it is intended. Of course, Gel Melt won't have near the lubrication found in the rest of our line of additives, but you can be sure we have provided an emergency anti-gel that eliminates the harmful chemicals that can be found in many other anti-gel products.
As a reminder, there are two kinds of anti-gelling diesel fuel additives. One is a pre-gelling mix such as XPD and Winter Blend, the other is a post gelling mix called Gel Melt. It is important to remember that you have to mix the preventative additives correctly. There are two reasons for this: (1) If the fuel is cold and wax has begun to crystallize and link, the cold flow additive will not be able to modify the crystals as designed to minimize their growth or alter their morphology. (2) Cold fuel has poor solubility, meaning proper mixing can not occur. The easiest way to ensure your preventative additive is properly mixed and your diesel is not too cold during winter months is to add it at the pump while fueling. Once mixed properly the preventive anti-gel will not only do its job but will not ‘fall out’ of solution or separate. With a post preventative (Gel Melt), just follow the directions found on the bottle for emergency situations.

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