Why The Disclaimer Regarding Use Of Oil Fortifier In A Gasoline Engine?

Why The Disclaimer Regarding Use Of Oil Fortifier In A Gasoline Engine?

Posted by Opti-Lube on Jul 1st 2015

Opti-Lube Oil Fortifier is a High-Tech Lubrication Enhancer and is designed to be added to the Oil you use now.

The disclaimer on the Oil Fortifier has to do with the amount of zinc in the additive. Research shows that although zinc is superior as a lubricant, it can be harmful to newer exhaust components. We have not had a single report of damage to anyone's vehicle, but wanted to fall on the side of caution with this disclaimer. We have received only positive reports from our users.

Regarding Oil Fortifier, one customer put it this way: “So, the zinc additive may 'poison' the platinum catalyst in a catalytic converter?” Confirmed with some brief research... Catalyst poisoning occurs when the catalytic converter is exposed to exhaust containing substances that coat the working surfaces, encapsulating the catalyst so that it cannot contact and treat the exhaust. The most notable contaminant is lead so vehicles equipped with catalytic converters can be run only on unleaded fuels. Other common catalyst poisons include fuel sulfur, manganese (originating primarily from the gasoline additive MMT), and silicone, which can enter the exhaust stream if the engine has a leak that allows coolant into the combustion chamber. No longer used in gasoline, phosphorus is another catalyst contaminant. Phosphorus (and zinc, another low-level catalyst contaminant) was, until recently, widely used in engine oil anti-wear additives such as zinc dithiophosphate (ZDDP). Beginning in 2006, a rapid phaseout of ZDDP in engine oils began.

So, adding Opti-lube additive to diesel engine oil is OK - completely - while to use it in gas engines may be a problem for the platinum catalyst. But - the zinc additive must get from the oil, into the exhaust to cause contamination. Until there is sufficient blow past the piston rings, and oil consumption due to wear, not much to consider I would think.