• Opti-Lube is the ultimate in performance diesel fuel additives.
  • Improving Lubricity is just the beginning, Marine Diesel Formula improves efficiency, cleans injectors and separates water via demulsification to help stabilize the fuel for long term storage and inhibit bacterial growth.
  • Cetane improvement reduces the ignition delay period between the first fuel injection into the cylinder and start of combustion. By increasing the cetane number of your fuel you improve cold starts and reduce engine noise.

Opti-Lube products protect your equipment by providing exceptional lubrication in the fuel system

(ranked first in an independent study, view it here).

*Available in a Quart (32oz) bottle.

**Dependant on base fuel.

  • Improved Storage Stability (More than doubles storage life of diesel fuel)
  • Enhanced Lubricity for Reduced Fuel System Wear
  • Improves Cetane by 1-3 Points
  • Increased Power
  • Reduced Deposits
  • Cleans injectors, Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  • Improved Water Separation (Demulsifier)
  • Improves Cold Flow down to -5°F**
  • Compatible with all vehicle emissions systems

Marine Treatment Rates

Standard Treat Rate: 1 to 256 (1 ounce per 8 gallons of diesel fuel)

1 quart treats 256 gallons of diesel fuel

  • Marine Formula: Quart (32oz)

    Marine Formula: Quart (32oz)