Which Opti-Lube product is best for my vehicle and my environment?

Opti-Lube's main objective with our additives is quality. Producing the best products possible followed by premium customer service is our daily goal. Our company started with its roots in increasing lubrication in diesel fuel and we reveal that in each product we produce. Everyone has different goals in mind for treating the fuel they put in their vehicle, so our products try to work with every goal and climate to produce positive experiences for our clients. All of our products are safe to use with DPF equipped engines. Our blends are as follows:


Opti-Lube XPD rated the best additive in the 'Spicer' test to add lubricity to diesel fuel. XPD is considered a superior all around package because it has the ability to treat all diesel fuel for many of the problems one could run across, Summer or Winter. First, it includes an anti-gel package that helps to keep No. 2 Diesel flowing down to approximately -10F, a Cetane Improver to boost cetane by at least 3 points, it acts as a demulsifier to help drop water out of fuel so its not run through expensive fuel systems, deposit control with fuel system cleaning agents and a lubricity package that is safe for all DPF equipped engines. Many people use this product year round due its excellent performance with all diesel fuels.

Opti-Lube Winter Diesel Fuel Improver has been designed for cold climates and winterized fuels (No. 1 & No. 2 blended diesel). These climates need more of the anti gel package to protect winterized diesel fuel clouding down to approximately -50F. With the added cloud point protection, we still improve cetane by at least 3 points, help demulsify water, deposit control with fuel system cleaning agents and safely lubricate your diesel fuel.

Opti-Lube Summer+ Blend was designed for use in warmer temperatures with (summer) No. 2 Diesel. Summer+ Formula contains deposit control, demulsifying agents, a lubricity package and will boost Cetane by 5-7 points. At 2¢-4¢ cents per treated gallon this is our most economical product due to a very low treatment ratio of only 1-2 oz per 20 gallons of diesel.

Opti-Lube Boost! has been designed mainly to improve cetane by 7-9 points. Our performance cetane booster still provides a measure of lubrication and deposit control. We feel that with the addition of our products the quality of fuel created is better for fuel systems.

Opti-Lube XL (XTREME LUBRICANT) is the ultimate lubricity additive. At a mix ratio up to 1/4 oz XL per gallon of diesel, XL also contains water and deposit control packets to keep your fuel system safe and functioning at its full efficiency.

All five of our diesel fuel improvement blends clean injectors, improve water separation, prevents fuel system corrosion and improve fuel economy.

Does it void my new vehicle warranty ?

No, our fuel improvers are completely compatible with all currently produced vehicles and equipment. No damage will be caused to your fuel system or emissions equipment, including diesel particulate filters (DPF's)

How much does it cost ?

In most cases, Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Improvers more than pay for themselves through improved fuel economy. The real savings is realized through protection and extended life of equipment.

Approximate cost to treat each gallon of fuel:

  • XPD Formula: 08¢ to 19¢
  • Winter Formula: 10¢
  • Summer+ Formula: 03¢ to 04¢
  • Boost! Formula: 03¢ to 04¢
  • XL (XTREME LUBRICANT) Formula: 04¢ to 07¢
  • Agriculture Formula: 05¢
  • Single Clean Formula: 39¢ Recommended once a year or after vehicle has sat for an extended period of time.
  • Marine Formula: 09¢

*based on 1 gallon without accessories

What types of engines can it be used in ?

Virtually any type of Diesel engine. All Diesel engines benefit from the features in Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Improvers, including those with the latest emissions equipment.

What is the treatment rate ?

This varies by product, please see individual instructions.

Can it be used with other fuels ?

All commercially available fuels will be improved by Opti-Lube Fuel Improver. Our testing shows full compatibility with Bio-Diesel, up to B20. While not designed for gasoline, some customers have reported a gas mileage increase when XPD is added in small quantities (1oz per 5 gallons).

Does Opti-Lube Fuel Improver contain Alcohol, Teflon; (PTFE) or other solids ?

Opti-Lube's diesel fuel improvers do not contain; Teflon, solid particles, or harmful alcohols. (For more in formation about alcohol in fuel please visit our blog. View it Here!)

What is cetane, and why boost it ?

Cetane relates to how readily diesel fuel will combust in the cylinder, higher numbers are better. The cetane in modern fuel is reduced by the removal of sulfur (producing ULSD) and winter blends of fuel, which frequently have kerosene added. Improving cetane helps engines to start easier, and burn fuel more efficiently. Most manufactures recommend a Cetane rating of 50. Standard rating for ULSD in the US is 40-45, leaving a deficit of 5-10 points.

Can I mix Opti-Lube Diesel Additives?

Yes, our diesel additives are completely compatible. Though Opti-Lube's diesel additives were designed to be used alone, when attempting to pinpoint a specific benefit or cetane increase, mixing the products can be beneficial. For example, we have many customers that have found mixing XL with Boost! at their lowest ratio has yielded great results in their farm equipment.

How should I add the product to my fuel ?

Most customers add half (or more) of the estimated amount before fueling, then the remainder just before the tank is full. The products easily disperse throughout the tank, no mixing is required.

Is there a benefit to adding more than the recommended amount ?

Fuels vary greatly by supplier, region and season. Typically no benefits are found above the recommended maximum rate.

Are these products compatible with ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) and my vehicle's emissions equipment ?

Yes, Opti-Lube Diesel Fuel Additives contain no sulfur, and are completely compatible with the latest model emissions equipment. Regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter may happen less frequently, since Opti-Lube treated fuel is burning more completely than untreated fuel.

Does it do anything besides reducing wear; friction ?

These are multi-functional additives, each product improves water separation (a demulsifier), prevents corrosion, improve storage life and clean injectors. The XPD and Winter products boost cetane and contain anti-gel additives. Each product has been found to improve fuel economy in most cases.

Can it be used in older or newer vehicles ?

All Diesel Engines will benefit. Of note, older Diesel Engines were not designed to run on ULSD, so using a lubricating additive is very important to extending equipment life.

Where can I purchase Opti-Lube products ?

We have Distributors in the USA and overseas, please call us to locate the nearest to you or visit the dealer page listed on our website. We also ship online orders daily from our Utah warehouse. Our FedEx shipping rates are very reasonable

What comes with my order ?

Opti-lube ships directly to the customer in HDPE bottles that are sealed here in our blending facility in pails, gallons, quarts, 8oz and 4oz bottles. Our quarts, 16oz, and 8oz bottles have a "see through" window on the side of the bottle in order to conveniently and properly measure out needed contents. Smaller 16 oz. and 8oz. empty bottles with a gallon pump can be purchased for approximately $6 along with a gallon order of any of the improver blends. Each bottle also has the treatment ratio clearly printed on the label.