Is this a one time treatment?

Opti-Lube oil fortifier is designed to treat and improve oil, but does not treat the metal. Metal is not porous in a way that it can 'soak up' a liquid like a sponge does. While our oil fortifier clings to parts preventing dry starts, most of it is removed at each oil change, so it must be added each time new oil is added.

Does it void my new vehicle warranty?

No, because it treats the oil and not the metal and does not change the basic characteristics of the oil, warranties are not affected.

How much does it cost?

The price varies slightly by the quantity purchase, but buying by the quart it costs just $1.25 to treat each quart of oil or $6.25 at each oil change. Because fuel economy is improved by an average of at least 11%, it pays for itself very quickly.

What types of engines can it be used in?

Virtually any type of gas, diesel, natural gas or propane engine. We even have antique cars and steam locomotives benefiting from our oil fortifier. However, engines that share their oil with wet clutches, such as found on some motorcycles, need friction. Opti-Lube oil fortifier should not be used in this type of engine

What is the treatment rate?

For engines, 5% treatment the first time (which is 1.5 ounces per quart of oil) and then 3% at each oil change (1 ounce per quart of oil).

Can it be used in other components besides vehicle engines?

Manual transmissions, transfer cases and differentials should be treated at 5% (1.5 ounces per quart of oil). Power steering pumps should be treated with 2 ounces total. There are also many industrial and commercial applications.


NOTE: Do not add to limited slip or posi-trac type differentials which need friction to operate. Not recommended for automatic transmissions

Does Opti-Lube Oil Fortifier contain Teflon ® (PTFE) or other solids?

No, there is no TeflonĀ® or any other solid particles in our oil fortifier. Teflon® won't stay on a frying pan when metal rubs against it, how can it possibly cling to an oily engine block and stay there for 50,000 miles?

Is it compatible with synthetic or other specialty oils?

Yes, it is compatible with any type of synthetic oil that is designed for vehicle engines or transmissions. It is also compatible with transmission fluid, but should not be added to automatic transmissions. Opti-Lube has almost no effect on viscosity, it flows at -35° and can be used in light engine oils to heavy gear oil.

Must it be added at the time of an oil change?

No, it can be added any time. Opti-Lube oil fortifier replenishes motor oil additives that deplete over time, including oxidation inhibitors, acid neutralizers and anti-wear additives. Adding at an oil change is just the most cost effective time.

Is there a benefit to adding more than the recommended amount?

The maximum benefits are at 5% for engines and hydraulics, 10% for manual transmissions and gear boxes. Adding more will not offer any benefit.

Are there other uses for Opti-Lube oil additive?

Hundreds of uses, from manufacturing, construction, industrial, mining, power generation and home use. Click here for some specific uses.

Does it do anything besides reducing wear & friction?

Yes, this is a multi-function fortifier designed to cling to metal parts, preventing dry starts, oxidation inhibitors that protect your oil at high temperatures, acid scavengers that protect metal from corrosive byproducts of combustion and a detergent package that prevents varnish build up on internal parts.

Can it be used in older or newer vehicles?

With new vehicles your investment is protected and wear is reduced to provide additional trouble free miles. On older vehicles, further wear is reduced and friction minimized on worn parts. While nothing can replace worn metal, engines do run much quieter after the addition of Opti-Lube oil fortifier. Fuel economy is improved on any engine.

How about motorcycle engines?

As long as the engine oil is not shared with 'wet clutches', your motorcycle will run cooler and better.

Small 4 cycle engines?

Lawnmower type engines are a perfect place to use our oil fortifier. Customers comment on how much farther they can mow with a tank of gas and their engines are quieter.

2 Stroke Engines?

Yes, by adding 1 ounce of oil fortifier to each 10 gallons of gasoline IN ADDITION to the 2 stroke oil that you already use.

What's the difference between Opti-Lube and the products advertised to treat for 50,000 miles?

Opti-Lube Oil Fortifier is designed to treat the oil, to increase film strength and reduce friction without changing viscosity. In our testing, we have not found any product that can stick to an oily engine block and remain for 50,000 miles.