Studies, Data Sheets, and SDS

Opti-Lube Videos

Opti-Lube Race Fuel Testing on Cummins Race Engine

What Is Cetane and How Does It Impact Combustion?

How Deposit Control Additives Deliver Optimal Diesel Engine Performance

How Modern Injectors Can Suffer From Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID)

How Lubricity Additives Enhance Wear Protection in Diesel Vehicles

The Value of High Quality, Differentiated Diesel Fuel

How Additives Improve Winter Operability of Diesel Engines


United Truck & Tractor Pulls 2016 Elko Nevada

Turbo Exploding at Truck Pulling Contest

Tests and Other Things

Opti-Lube Tests Engine Oil Fortifer

Opti-Lube Promotional Video

What Do the Chemicals Look Like?

XPD Formula:

Summer+ Formula:

XL Formula:

Winter Formula:

Boost! Formula:


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