Opti-Lube Boost! Maximum Cetane Diesel Fuel Additive: 6 Pack 8oz Bottles with Opti-Box, Treats up to 160 Gallons per 8oz Bottle

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Opti-Lube prides itself on providing the Best Diesel Fuel Additives on the market.

Improving Cetane is just the beginning, Opti-Lube Boost! Formula eliminates and prevents both conventional nozzle deposits and internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) in today's most complex engines using high-pressure common rail and other injector systems.

Opti-Lube Boost! is a multi-functional diesel fuel additive with the highest cetane improvement available (7-9 points!) while providing exceptional lubrication to your fuel system. (ranked first in an independent study, view it here).

Benefits Include:

  • Boosts Cetane by 7 - 9 Points.
  • Enhanced Lubricity for Reduced Fuel System Wear
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Increased Power
  • Reduced Deposits
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  • Cleans Injectors
  • Improved Storage Stability (More than doubles storage life of diesel fuel)
  • Improved Water Separation
  • Compatible with all vehicle emissions systems
5.00 LBS

Warranty Information

Boost! Max Cetane Treatment Rate: Minimum of 1 to 2560 (1/4 ounce per 5 gallons of fuel)
-For 5 gallons, use .25 oz to .5 oz
-For 10 gallons, use .5 oz to 1 oz
-For 20 gallons, use 1 oz to 2 oz
-For 40 gallons, use 2 oz to 4 oz
-For 60 gallons, use 3 oz to 6 oz

Boost! Max Cetane Product Sizes:
(1) 8 pack of 4oz bottles treats 320 - 640 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 6 pack of 8oz bottles treats 480 - 960 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) Quart treats 320 - 640 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 1 Gallon treats 1280 - 2560 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 5 Gallon pail treats 6,400 - 12,800 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 55 Gallon drum treats 70,400 - 140,800 gallons of diesel fuel


7 Reviews

  • Posted by Nick D. on Sep 22nd 2020


    A diesel must have

    Cheap insurance. You will improve mpg's with a cleaner burn and protect your injector tips from gumming and creating uneven injections. The cleaner burn will also result in less DPF regens meaning less overfueling; saving even more mpg's and saving your oil life and engine life.

  • Posted by Frank on Sep 22nd 2020


    Boost the XPD

    Currently mixing boost and xpd with great results. I feel i did not need as much lubrication as xpd brings alone and boost uses less additive per gallon for $$ savings. Kind of my idea of POWERSERVICE PLUS CETANE BOOSTER, but with higher quality XPD PLUS BOOST. I do average mpg slightly higher with just xpd but the mixture gives me quicker detonation during injection (performance) and more of a jerk during downshift acceleration (faster response) . Application is N57 BMW diesel.

  • Posted by Zach Redmon on Sep 22nd 2020


    Opti-Lube is the answer to your Diesel Fuel needs!

    I will start by saying i have tried NEARLY EVERY different brand of Diesel Fuel additive on the market, from performance blends to Lubrication blends. They all promised the moon, and very few of them did anything at all from my experiences. Opti-lube was the last one for me to try as i couldn't get it locally, so of course i tried all the brands i could find locally. I wish i would of STARTED with Opti-lube products first! This stuff is amazing, im not one to follow hype around products i like to see proof with my own eyes before i make up my mind. I had always seen on Facebook Diesel pages that the best stuff was Opti-lube, but it always turned out it was a Vendor saying those statements. Well after trying FOUR different blends from Opti-lube im here to tell you that if your having a problem getting quality fuel in your area this will fix all of your issues! Here in Alabama good diesel fuel is not around at all, you take what you can get. Well now with me using Opti-lube i have increased my MPG by roughly 15 miles to the tank, my throttle response has greatly improved, it starts up cold without any second thought, and it over all idles and drives better and smoother. I will continue to order Opti-lube for as long as i continue to own my truck! I'm currently mixing The XL, XPD, and Boost blends together in every tank and my motor couldn't be happier and all of my injectors are within + or - 1 while at park and idling.