Opti-Lube Opti-Box

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If you have ever used Opti-Lube, you know it "Stinks." That's how you know its going to work, but you don't want the smell in your cab.

We understand this so we came up with a box that is air tight and the perfect size for our 8 oz 6 packs and 4 oz 8 Packs. It will also fit 1 quart bottle on its side.

It will also help avoid any leaks that may occur.

Some customers that own TDI cars even add some Velcro strips to the bottom to keep it in one place on their carpeted trunk space.

Exterior dimensions: 11.5x5x7.25 (length x width x height)

NOTE: It can be purchased alone on this page or along with the 6 and 8 packs in the additive pages.