Opti-Lube Single Clean Diesel Fuel System/Injector Cleaner: 1 8oz Bottle Treats up to 32 Gallons

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Opti-Lube Single Clean is designed as a one-tank cleanup for fuel injection system deposits. The best injector cleaner we know of.

Designed for use in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

In just one tank, Opti-Lube Single Clean will reduce both nozzle deposits and internal diesel injector depostis (IDID), as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Due to Single Clean's excellent water-handling and corrosion-protection performance it is a fantastic choice for both standard and marine diesel systems.


1.10 LBS

Warranty Information

Single Clean Treatment Rate: Minimum of 1 to 512 (1/4 ounce per gallon of fuel)
-For 1 gallon, use .25 oz
-For 4 gallons, use 1 oz
-For 8 gallons, use 2 oz
-For 16 gallons, use 4 oz
-For 32 gallons, use 8 oz

Single Clean Product Sizes:
(1) 8 oz bottle treats 32 gallons of diesel fuel

    4 Reviews

  • Posted by Nick Murdock on Aug 18th 2022


    Five Stars

    Best stuff available.

  • Posted by Zach Redmon on Aug 18th 2022


    Opti-Lube is the answer to your Diesel Fuel needs!

    I will start by saying i have tried NEARLY EVERY different brand of Diesel Fuel additive on the market, from performance blends to Lubrication blends. They all promised the moon, and very few of them did anything at all from my experiences. Opti-lube was the last one for me to try as i couldn't get it locally, so of course i tried all the brands i could find locally. I wish i would of STARTED with Opti-lube products first! This stuff is amazing, im not one to follow hype around products i like to see proof with my own eyes before i make up my mind. I had always seen on Facebook Diesel pages that the best stuff was Opti-lube, but it always turned out it was a Vendor saying those statements. Well after trying FOUR different blends from Opti-lube im here to tell you that if your having a problem getting quality fuel in your area this will fix all of your issues! Here in Alabama good diesel fuel is not around at all, you take what you can get. Well now with me using Opti-lube i have increased my MPG by roughly 15 miles to the tank, my throttle response has greatly improved, it starts up cold without any second thought, and it over all idles and drives better and smoother. I will continue to order Opti-lube for as long as i continue to own my truck! I'm currently mixing The XL, XPD, and Boost blends together in every tank and my motor couldn't be happier and all of my injectors are within + or - 1 while at park and idling. Before using the Single Tank Cleaner my number 1 and 2 injectors where nearly out of spec at +4 -4 in park, i cant speak for how well it cleaned the tank or fuel lines but it did take my injectors back into range!

  • Posted by Michael Pillow on Apr 30th 2022


    Excellent product

    I was recommended to use this by a coworker because I had longer than normal cranking times on my Volkswagen Golf TDI and I was surprised that after using this how much faster of my car started each time so I’ve been using it every time I refuel and I bought 10 bottles this last order because I have another diesel that I purchased and it has long crank times also and I’m going to be using it in it to see if I can help it but it does have 182K miles on it.