Opti-Lube XPD All-In-One Diesel Fuel Additive: 1 GAL with Pump & 2 Empty 8OZ Bottles -Treats 512 Gal

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Opti-Lube XPD is the best diesel fuel additive for everyday use.

Opti-Lube XPD is a proven diesel fuel additive. This additive made its mark years ago by ranking the highest in a fuel additive study. Thousands of our happy customers have switched over from other additives because it makes a difference. We have tested our product and continue to lead the market in lubricity. But that is just the beginning. XPD cleans injectors, improves cetane and contains an anti-gel to keep your fuel flowing down to -10° F. If you want to keep your diesel happy, then look no further than Opti-Lube, the number one rated additives on the market.

Opti-Lube XPD is the ultimate in performance diesel fuel additives. The best diesel fuel additive on the market.

Opti-Lube XPD’s primary purpose is to increase the lubricity properties of ultra low sulfur diesels (ULSD). However, improving Lubricity is just the beginning. XPD Formula is a multi-functional additive for upgrading the quality and enhancing the performance of diesel fuels.

XPD simultaneously improves lubricity, efficiency, cleans injectors, improves Cetane by up to 3 points and contains an anti-gel to keep your fuel flowing down to -10° F.* XPD does not contain any harmful alcohols.

Opti-Lube products protect your equipment by providing exceptional lubrication in the fuel system.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced Lubricity for Reduced Fuel System Wear
  • Improved Fuel Economy (See Diesel Power Magazine Study here)
  • Increased Power
  • Reduced Deposits
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  • Cleans Injectors, keeps them clean
  • Improved Storage Stability (More than doubles storage life of diesel fuel)
  • Improved Water Separation
  • Improved Cold Weather Performance
  • Compatible with all vehicle emissions systems

Don't Forget XPD Formula is a Preventative Anti-gel.

Preventative anti-gels are used before gelling occurs. To ensure a Preventative anti-gel works properly there is an important rule to keep in mind. Diesel Fuel cannot be at or below the cloud point when Preventative anti-gel is added. There are two reasons for this: (1) If the fuel is cold and wax has begun to crystallize and link, the cold flow additive will not be able to modify the crystals as designed to minimize their growth or alter their morphology, (2) Cold fuel has poor solubility, meaning proper mixing can not occur. The easiest way to ensure your preventative additive is properly mixed and your diesel is not too cold during winter months is to add it at the pump while fueling. When mixed properly the preventive anti-gel will do its job while not ‘falling out’ of solution or separating. Opti-Lube XPD and Winter contain components that interact with the wax molecules in a way that prevents them from stacking and subsequently forming large, filter plugging crystals.

Let Opti-Lube Keep Your Investment Safe From Gelling This Season.


*Dependant on base fuel and the amount of wax in the fuel. Higher doses of anti-gel may be needed in some areas.   

8.25 LBS

Warranty Information

XPD Standard Treatment Rate (Warm Weather above 32°F (0°C)): 1 to 512 minimum (1/4 ounce per gallon of fuel)
-For 1 gallon, use 1/4 oz
-For 5 gallons, use 1.25 oz
-For 10 gallons, use 2.5 oz
-For 20 gallons, use 5 oz
-For 40 gallons, use 10 oz
-For 60 gallons, use 15 oz

XPD Premium Treatment Rate (And Under 32°F (0°C)): 1 to 256 (1/2 ounce per gallon of fuel or more)
-For 1 gallon, use 1/2 oz or more
-For 5 gallons, use 2.5 oz or more
-For 10 gallons, use 5 oz or more
-For 20 gallons, use 10 oz or more
-For 40 gallons, use 20 oz or more
-For 60 gallons, use 30 oz or more

XPD Product Sizes:
(1) 8 pack of 4oz bottles treats 64 - 128 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 6 pack of 8oz bottles treats 96 - 192 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) Quart treats 64 - 128 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 1 Gallon treats 256 - 512 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 5 Gallon pail treats 1,280 - 2,560 gallons of diesel fuel
(1) 55 Gallon drum treats 14,080 - 28,160 gallons of diesel fuel


120 Reviews

  • Posted by Ryan on Oct 1st 2022



    I have a 2000 F350 with a 7.3L diesel and I've always run another product in the past. I was always able to tell a difference in the quality of the idle with vs without the previous addititve. Well the XPD is even more impressive. I noticed a significant difference of the idle quality from my old additive to this one! 100% recommend and will use this product with every tank.

  • Posted by Danny R Thomas on Aug 14th 2022


    XPD Diesel Additive

    Would like to give XPD a 5 star rating but I think it will take some time to evaluate. Based on many other reviews I’m hopeful religious use will pay off. Checking mileage periodically. So far with no load getting 18-21 mpg - Duramax 2022 6.6. Assume XPD will keep engine running smooth and help avoid injector problems. Only have 4700 miles thanks to diesel prices. Small bottles helpful.

  • Posted by Damon Grant on Aug 6th 2022


    Opti Lube XPD

    I was recommended this from a friend when I bought my 2005 Ford F-250 Power Stroke. This fuel additive has helped with water in my fuel and the old truck runs fantastic. I’ve been using this product for the last year and 8 months and is used at every fill up. I love this product.