Porsche Cayenne 3.0 Turbo Diesel Bypass Oil Filter Kit

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Porsche Cayenne 3.0L Turbo Diesel Bypass Oil Filter Kit (2nd GEN)

This kit includes

  • EXTREME X1 bypass oil filter housing
  • Extreme X1 filter element
  • 2 In/Out fittings (6MJ-4MP, straight)
  • 4 hose fittings (6FJ-Pushlok, straight)
  • Custom pressure port tee fitting with washer (M10)
  • Tee fitting center branch (6MJ-2MP, straight)
  • Black oil filler cap with swivel return port
  • Oil filler cap fitting (6MJ-2MP, elbow)
  • 9ft of hose you can cut to your preference (Parker 3/8" hose)
  • Zinccoated universal bracket with hardware

Installation Info: 

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This kit does not have an official mounting location yet, please refer to the"custom installations and mounting details"

Watch thegeneral installationvideo for more information


Radically extend engine life 2X
Reduce engine wear
Keep oil up to 4X cleaner than new oil
Progressive 3 stage filtration down to 1 micron, won't clog or drop efficiency like others filters
Reduce soot and carbon buildup
Reduce erosion of hoses & seals
Extend oil change intervals
Remove 99.9% of moisture
Improve gas mileage
Improve oil cooling
Large housing holds 4000X more contaminants than OEM filters
Easy installation and maintenance
15K (or up to *25K miles) 250 hours, or 1 year before maintenance is needed
*Condition basedoil analysismonitoring recommended when extending oil/filter change intervals

Learn More About the EXTREME Bypass Oil Filter System Here

Installation/assembly required by professional mechanic

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