Stiction Rx: Pint (16oz)

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Opti-Lube Stiction Rx: Pint (16oz)

This High-Tech Lubricant Enhancer Is Designed To Be Added To The Lubricants You Use Now. Adding Just 3% Of Opti-Lube Stiction Rx Can Reduce Wear By 40% or More! Filtration Remains Unaffected Since Opti-Lube Does Not Contain Solid Particles. Flows At –35°F, Yet Lubricates At Temperatures Up To 500°F

Stiction Rx has been tried and tested to eliminate what is known as "Stiction" in Diesel Fuel Injectors. This issue is common on the 6.0 and 7.3 Ford engines and is caused mainly by sticking spool valves and friction within the injector oiling chambers.  

Because of possible issues with Gas vehicle Catalitic Converters, we cannot recommend its use in Gas engines with Catalitic Converters. Diesel Catalitic converters are made from different meterials and DO NOT have the same issues.

-Not Recommended for break in use.

-Not Recommended for use before 5000 miles on any engine.

Non-Hazardous When Used As Directed. Stiction Rx sold as 16oz Bottle


Treatment rates:

1st or 2nd time cleanup Treatment, Replace 32 onces (1 Quart) of motor oil with Stiction Rx at Oil Change. (2 bottles)

Regular Maintenance Treatment, Replace 16 onces (1/2 quart) of motor oil with Stiction RX at Oil Change to maintain engine performance. (1 Bottle)

Download Stiction Rx SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Download Stiction Rx TDS (Technical Data Sheet)